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His ferocious nature on the pitch also earned him the reputation as somewhat of a thug, and one has to believe that if he hadn't been playing football, the man may well have ended up in jail. Still, he is a United hero and legend. So what was it that made Keano go off on Sir Alex after so long? This was followed up by criticism made about the team in a defeat to Middlesbrough. A short while later Sir Alex allowed his captain to move to Celtic.

Give it another month. Last year it seemed as though United's star player would be out the door for, of all teams, Manchester City.

I'm not going to lie, if the move had eventually happened and Rooney had teamed up with Tevez at City, I might well have considered abandoning football altogether. Rooney was eventually given the massive pay raise that he demanded and has recently come out with the rather obvious revelation that falling out with Sir Alex was the biggest mistake he has ever made in his career as if this list wasn't proof enough of that without him saying it.

Rooney also said that he intends to stay at Manchester United for the rest of his career or at least as long as they want him. I think most people who have any sort of footballing knowledge probably knew who would be topping the No. From '98 to '02 I had a Manchester United shirt with "Beckham 7" on the back.

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I'm looking at one of those shirts right now actually, and it brings back a lot of good memories about when the world's most famous footballer ever used to play for the club. Don't let the glitz and glamour of Hollywood fool you; there was a time when David Beckham wasn't just famous, but he was actually one of the best in the game. It was an injury in that started Beckham on his downward spiral at United.

When Beckham came back he rather arrogantly expected Ole to be instantly benched for him. But Fergie had other ideas—after all Solskjaer had done a good job in his absence. Eventually Beckham did earn his way back into the side, but in the meantime, tensions had risen between the England man and his manager.

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The arrival of Ruud van Nistelrooy also took a lot of the spotlight away from D-Beck, who slowly began to fall more and more out of favour with the top men at the club. After a defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup, Beckham and Ferguson had to be restrained from one and other after Fergie "accidentally" kicked a boot into his right-midfielder's face. Sorry, but we can't respond to individual comments.

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There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Frank Worrall. Only 5 left! Pickup not available. If I could I would have carried on playing! Playing down the famous incident in which he allegedly kicked a boot which hit David Beckham in the forehead. Booted out! Beckham was allegedly hit by a boot kicked by Ferguson in the United dressing room in He left Old Trafford that summer.

Special talent: But Ferguson had a great deal of respect for Beckham's workrate and natural ability. There is no way we would sell him, or any of our best players. They are the inventors of the smokescreen. Wise, if slightly ambiguous, advice before United played Inter Milan in the Champions League quarter-final.

Liverpool really got to Sir Alex Ferguson, and from his book it seems like he never got over it

A withering assessment of Italian striker Filippo. Then they beat you 3 - 0. On Italian teams in general. Finding their feet: Ferguson's United struggled against Italian teams like Marcello Lippi's Juventus when they returned to the Champions League - but finally cracked it in when beating Inter and Juve en route to winning the competition. Very true It is an indictment of our game.

You see referees abroad who are as fit as butcher's dogs.

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We have some who are fit. He wasn't fit. He was taking 30 seconds to book a player. He was needing a rest. It was ridiculous. Brutal comments on referee Alan Wiley and his lack of fitness. They were never getting through that tie; with 11 men we had no problem.

The young boy showed a bit of inexperience but they got him sent off. Everyone sprinted towards the referee — typical Germans. It denies you a proper chance to win a football match. It's ridiculous that it's and the referee still has control of that. That's what he was like. On Paul Ince When at United His father is 6ft 2in - I'd check the milkman. On the now retired United right-back Gary Neville. Recalling a dressing room disagreement with Peter Schmeichel. He was 13 and just floated over the ground like a cocker spaniel chasing a piece of silver paper in the wind.

First impressions of Ryan Giggs, his longest serving player at Old Trafford. On the enduring brilliance of the Welshman. After Rooney joined United in He swaggered in, stuck his chest out, raised his head and surveyed everything as though he were asking: 'I'm Cantona. How big are you? Are you big enough for me? In reference to a rather foolhardy bet with Cristiano Ronaldo.


Jesus Christ, no chance. For instance, nobody here thought Mark Hughes would become a manager, never in a million years, and we all thought Bryan Robson was a certainty to be a top manager. On his former players turning to management. He is the worst at haranguing referees. He shoves them and makes a joke of it. How he can criticise me is unbelievable.

The press have had a field day. The only person they have not spoken to is Barack Obama because he is busy. Not Newcastle, a wee club in the North-East. I was demonstrative. I am always demonstrative. Everyone knows that. I am an emotional guy but I was not abusive. The latest entry to the Fergie litany - a savaging of Alan Pardew and 'wee club' Newcastle last week. Aimed at journalists who criticised Juan Sebastian Veron. You talk about wanting to have an association with people here and you wonder why I don't get on with you?

One of these days the door is going to be shut on you permanently. Aimed at the media in general.

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It all [sic] made-up stuff and 'brown paper bags' and all that kind of carry-on.